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Ann Braathen Artist Management AB
Folkskolegatan 5
S-117 35 Stockholm
Tel +46 8 556 908 50


Ann Braathen Artist Management is a member of the International Artist Managers' Association (IAMA).

Logotype Camilla Lilliesköld

Portrait photos Emelie Kroon

Ann Braathen

CEO Artist Manager

Ann Braathen is the founder of the agency and agent for the artists. Please contact Ann with inquiries about our singers.

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Elisabeth Haglund

Artist Manager

Elisabeth works as artist manager alongside senior manager Ann Braathen. She's also responsible of the artists' travels and accommodation as well as rehearsal schedules and itineraries.

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Katarina Lundin Haglund

Financial manager and media relations

Katarina takes care of matters regarding the fees and payments of the artists. She also runs the company website and manages press contacts on behalf of the artists.

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Maud Hellberg


Maud Hellberg takes care of the company's accounting.


Watch dog

Felix was born on August 12 2015 and has office training once every two weeks.