If you have any queries or need additional information about our artists, please drop us a line below.

At Braathen Management

Elisabeth Haglund 4 - foto Emelie Kroon Artist Manager

Elisabeth Haglund
+46 8 556 908 50 mobil +46 708 98 44 64

Please contact Elisabeth for any enquires regarding our artists' availability.

Katarina Haglund 4 - foto Emelie Kroon Financial and media manager

Katarina Haglund
+46 8 556 908 50

Katarina is in charge of the financial and media aspects of the company.

Ann Braathen 6 - photo Emelie Kroon Founder and Artistic Advisor

Ann Braathen

Ann Braathen is the founder of the Ann Braathen Artist Management, and remains in the company as an artistic advisor and consultant.

Maud Hellberg 1 - photo Emelie Kroon Accountant

Maud Hellberg

Maud Hellberg is the company accountant.