Hanna Husáhr in the film "Christina Nilsson - The Magic Voice"

Hanna Husàhr sings in the Swedish Television film comemmorating Swedish soprano Christina Nilsson

Presented by SVT – the Swedish Television and the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra; The Magic Voice of Christina Nilsson saved her from starving to death and threw her into unbelievable fame. She was Leo Tolstoys favorite who immortalized her in "Anna Karenina". Her magnetic personality was the inspiration to the story of "Phantom of the Opera" and when the Metropolitan Opera House in New York was opening Christina was asked to sing. People went crazy and fans offered her their eternal love at her magnetic performances like when the Russian Tsar changed her props into emeralds when she performed the Jewel aria

In the film The Magic Voice the Swedish Television commemorate the 100 year celebration of soprano Christina Nilsson. The film is produced by Ditte Feuk and the Swedish Television and as one of the participating soloists we hear soprano Hanna Husáhr, who also sings at the following tribute concert with the Stockholm Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

The film will be broadcasted on Swedish Television on February 20 2021 and will be available to view streamed from SVT Play for a limited time.