Kerstin Avemo in Viva la mamma in Gothenburg

Kerstin Avemo as the Prima Donna in Donizetti's Viva la mamma

Kerstin Avemo sings the role of the Prima Donna at The Göteborg Opera's production of Viva la mamma by Donizetti. The opening night is on May 7 and Viva la mamma will be played until June 10.

Donizetti’s elegant and entertaining work Viva la mamma takes an ironic look at the difficulties that can arise before an opera premiere, cheekily poking fun at stereotypes. The opera is directed and translated by Claes Eriksson from the comedy troupe Galenskaparna, a director, scriptwriter, stage comedian, actor and composer. This is his first opera production. Expressed in his own words: ‘Because I’ve already been lucky enough to do everything I’ve dreamed of, I now only do things I could never have dreamed of.’

Kerstin Avemo has previously this season been a guest at the Bayerische Staatsoper where she appeared in the role of Anita in Léhar's operetta Giuditta, a role she will return to next season in the revival of the production. Kerstin will also take on the roles of Olympia/Antonia/Giulietta and Stella in the Göteborg Opera's production of Les contes d'Hoffmann.