Wagner's Parsifal at the Royal Swedish Opera

Joachim Bäckström, Peter Mattei and Miriam Treichl in Parsifal!

"Parsifal – Wagner’s last work – is a multifaceted meditation on sin, remorse, shame, and in the end the reconciliation of male and female side by side. We will see internationally acclaimed Peter Mattei as Amfortas, Joachim Bäckström as Parsifal and Miriam Treichl as the resourceful Kundry. This critically acclaimed production by the award-winning director Christof Loy, which premiered at the Royal Swedish Opera in 2013, has been highly appreciated by both audiences and critics."

In this revival of Parsifal we will also hear John Erik Eleby as Klingsor, Jonas Degerfeldt as Graalsritter and Johanna Rudström as Knappe/Blumenmädchen. The Royal Swedish Orchestra and Chorus will be led by Music Director Alan Gilbert.

Parsifal opens on March 23 and will be played until April 18.