Sofie Asplund's first soloalbum with LuKaS - the Lund Chamber Soloists

Release today of Sofie Asplund's first solo album - bringing together Benjamin Britten’s Les Illuminations and Claude Debussy’s Ariettes Oubliées. Recorded with LuKaS - the Lund Chamber Soloists.

Sofie Asplund has, together with LuKaS - the Lund Chamber Soloists recorded Britten's Les Illuminations and Debussy's Ariettes Oubliées now released on the record label Swedish Society Discofil.

The main character definitely is Sofie Asplund, whom interprets both song cycles with musical intelligence and virtuosity. Her timbre is uniqe and compelling and not least the high notes in full voice which have a wonderful splendour. With a good feeling for the melody of the French language, she creates an exquisite wealth of nuances. She gives the erotic semi-darkness in most of the Verlaine songs a necessary freshness, while the contrasting fast carousel song "Tournez, tournez" gets a playful brilliance that is absolutely irresistible.”

Lennart Bromander - Tidskriften Opera/ The Opera Magazine Sweden